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At times we get requests from customers to publish titles, and the Devir 500 Project was created to turn those titles into reality.  They can be board games, expansions, or even RPG’s. 

The project started with some Spanish language titles, but has worked well enough that we will now offer it for projects in English and other languages.

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Mille Fiori: The Masterpieces

Mille Fiori: The Masterpieces allows players to continue sailing around the city to meet eminent figures and create glass masterpieces.

To set up, place the new game board that extends the sailing track next to the game board. The game now contains Doge and Dogate cards that bring points, changed movements, or a different order of play. A little council of influential citizens, the Signoria, advises the Doge and influences the political events of the city.

Nine different masterpieces can be gathered along the advanced sea route that leads to lucrative trading cities, or through the Dogaressa, the Doge's wife. If you receive a masterpiece, you can immediately collect valuable points, while also using the masterpiece to fill the shop window. If you choose wisely, you can score additional points at the end of the game.

    Languages: ENG, ESP, POT, ITA

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